Chekhov:shop  -  The Experience of Life in Chekhov's Plays

The author with his wife, Olga Knipper

3-Week Scene Study Workshop
Meets for 3 hours once a week (9 class hours total)
Several sections available each month 
Limit of 6 people per section
Meeting-times determined by your availability
Location(s) TBA

Stumped by Chekhov? Love his work, but don’t know how to release the life it contains?
Unfortunately, many performances of Chekhov fail to let us experience the very essence of life that he sought to capture in his plays and that set his writing apart from that of almost all other authors. Through scene work, we will try to pinpoint and develop our awareness of that elusive but essential quality of his writing, and bring it to life in an intimate, safe, respectful atmosphere.

In the first meeting, we will work on monologues from his plays* of your own choosing (from his four major plays only: The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, The Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard ).

After the first meeting, you will be assigned a scene* to prepare on your own time with another member of the class. These scenes will then be worked on in the final two meetings.

However, some experience in a scene study class is strongly recommended. 

Harry Barandes

$100 for individuals
$90 each if you register with a scene partner
$80 for returning students

Kindly let us know by
filling out our interest form. We will then contact you when the next workshop is being planned. Although we cannot guarantee a schedule that works for everyone, we will do our best to accommodate all who are interested.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the instructor at
[email protected].

* We will be using the Carol Rocamora translations of the plays for the scenes. For the first meeting, if you already have a monologue prepared from a different translation, you may do that one. However, if you are preparing a new monologue, please use the Rocamora translation.

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