"Bring your talent in for a tune-up!"

THE:SHOP | Acting Workshops
led by Harry Barandes, MFA, NYU Graduate Acting Program

Short and sweet
Our 3-week workshops meet just once a week for 3 hours. Before you know it, you will have spent nine hours immersed in the world of a masterful playwright.

Small class-size, one major playwright
With only 6 people in each workshop, you will get an intimate working environment and the individualized
attention you deserve. And by focusing on the plays of a
single author, you will develop a deep understanding and awareness of what is at the heart of his/her work.

When are you free?
Simply provide us with your availability. As soon as there is a day and time shared by enough people, we will draw up aschedule and email it to you, inviting you to reserve a spot. Depending on demand, several sections, meeting on different days and times, may be available.

Hungry for more?
Not to worry. The workshops are repeatable. You can continue your study into the next available workshop for as long as your schedule allows. And when things get busy for you, simply take a break and join us again when your schedule frees up. Each time you participate, you'll take your learning even further.
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