What is the:shop?

Founded in 2009 by Harry Barandes, the:shop is a series of acting workshops designed for people who are eager to grow as artists while continuing to participate fully in their busy lives.  

We offer you a safe, supportive, nurturing environment where you will be able to slow things down, find your center, and tap into your creative source as you engage deeply, maturely, and playfully with the works of the great playwrights. Emphasis is placed on experiencing and responding to the plays not merely as performers, but as people; identifying with the events and characters on the most human level, and confronting our shared frailties and imperfections with an open heart.

Our approach is appropriate for actors of all skill levels, and is ideal for individuals planning to audition for graduate programs, as well as for those who have already completed a program of study and are looking to synthesize the different aspects of their training into an organic whole.

Our workshops are offered in manageable time-frames and are intended to be repeated as often as you desire. They are conducted in such a way that you will always be brought into contact with the things that are holding you back, so that you may finally acknowledge them, and then learn how to let them go. This is the never-ending journey of the growing artist, and the continual focus of our practice.

If you provide us with your availability when you register, we will do our best to accommodate your schedule as we plan the next workshops, and will contact you as soon as one has been planned that will work for you.

All workshops currently take place at various rehearsal studios in New York City.

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