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"Harry is one of the few people I trust in the industry. His way of teaching and directing leaves actors free and open for a full and grounded exploration of the world of the play and its place in our human experience. He is the most supportive and compassionate director I have ever worked with. His passion for truth gives life to the vulnerability and raw humanity we all strive for as artists. I would recommend him to the well seasoned professional as well as to those just starting out. With Harry in your corner you will feel safe, supported and free. And capable of anything."

Dominique Jones, actor

"There are not enough flattering words in the English language for me to use regarding Harry Barandes and his Chekhov:shop. Like speaking with an old friend, Harry creates a setting free of judgement and full of acceptance and warmth. Inviting you to be human and nothing more, he welcomes us to strip ourselves of actor habits, self consciousness and human fears. There is a trust that he is able to instill that makes the work effortless and honest beyond comparison. I would recommend this class to any single human being looking for a refresher course on what it means to be alive and capable of sharing our true souls with others. His obvious love of the work is contagious and I look forward to my many 'shops' to come."
Kirsten Glove, actor

“Harry’s Chekhov class really helped me get out of my own way and clarified what I need to do to be a more effective and powerful actor.”
Mary Sheridan, actor/singer

"I really enjoyed Harry's Chekhov workshop. He really helped me find Masha [in Three Sisters] and understand Astrov and Yelena [in Uncle Vanya] so much better. I truly hope one day to act in something he directs. He has a very clear understanding of Chekhov, and I think any acting student would do well to pick his brain about the characters, the play, and the play-ing of Chekhov's major plays. His teaching facility with students was also gentle yet honest, and it was a gift for me to see him work the wave of helping someone hone their craft."
Erin Lena Hart, actress

"With his solid academic and professional credentials, charming personality, breezy erudition, and insightful guidance, Harry was a wonderful teacher during his scene study class devoted to Anton Chekhov. Over the weeks the totality of [his] detailed critiques and sharp analysis were a tremendously enriching event.  It was also practical, as I acquired a monologue to use in the future, as well as a new comprehension of those plays I had read and seen numerous times before. I would highly recommend Chekhov:shop to actors seeking a refreshing, inspiring, constructive, and FUN time."
Darryl Reilly, actor

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